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Professor Kendi uses personal stories as well as historical research to expose why good intentions don’t guarantee that our actions will not have racist effects.  He challenges us to examine ourselves and our public policy for unintentional racist outcomes. This amusing book is primarily about driving; it covers things like why we merge the way we do and why the other lane always seems to be moving faster.  It also reveals some surprising details about street design and why efforts to protect cyclists and pedestrians sometimes backfire.   For those who want to really get in the weeds about the sacrifices we make to accommodate cars above all else. This article follows the rise and decline of public transportation in the United States, leading to our current reliance on cars and the need to rebuild our transit infrastructure. This stark graphic non-fiction beautifully illustrates the human and ecological cost of private transportation in a simple, digestible way.

Great podcasts that connect transportation and housing policy to social and environmental justice.

The Ezra Klein Show: How Blue Cities Became So Outrageously Unaffordable 

Learn about how housing policy effects affordability in this interview with Jerusalem Demsas who covers policy for a range of issues, such as housing and transportation at Vox. 

You can listen to this episode of “The Ezra Klein Show” on Apple, Spotify, Google or wherever you get your podcasts.

‎Speak For Change With Thomas Sage Pedersen

Thomas Sage Pedersen is a Santa Cruz local business owner and activist who’s podcast features great interviews with local influencers and policy makers. The Speak for Change  mission is to inspire and promote positive and lasting change in our local & global communities.

Find Speak for change on Apple PodcastsSpotify, or Google Podcasts

Transportation is a Human Right, The Laura Flanders Show

Could new technology and better information sharing solve our transportation challenges? Laura looks at existing models. 

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