A Preview of Clean Modern Rail Transit in Santa Cruz County

by Barry Scott

Using real video footage of our Coastal Rail Corridor, a hydrogen-battery-electric streetcar manufacturer called TIG/m has created a to-scale video simulation of their streetcar running in Santa Cruz County. TIG/m presented the video to the Santa Cruz Regional Transportation Commission during the September meeting, and now it’s available for public viewing. A real-life TIG/m streetcar demonstration is planned for Santa Cruz County sometime next year. Until then, you can watch the charming one-minute video by clicking here.

New Developments in Rail Technology

We’re excited that a number of different rail manufacturers have begun to offer clean, quiet, wireless battery-electric streetcars! This small but mighty transit vehicle type offers the following benefits:

  • No overhead wires: charges either overnight or at passenger stops
  • No exhaust fumes
  • Low floors allow level boarding for bikes and wheelchairs
  • Electricity will come from carbon-free Monterey Bay Community Power
  • Lightweight vehicles are gentle on bridges and crossings

TIG/m offers these additional features in their streetcars:

  • Made in California!
  • Operates all day and charges overnight
  • Capable of traveling up to 50 mph
  • The single car version carries 50 seated passengers and up to 50 standees
  • The two car version carries 100 seated passengers and up to 100 standees
  • Customizable interiors can provide ample space for bicycles

We invite you to watch the one-minute video simulation of the TIG/m streetcar running on our rail line, and share it with your friends. Let them know that we could have something like this providing transit in our rail corridor!

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