Action Alert: Help the RTC select Electric Passenger Rail!

Light Rail vehicle on grassy track
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We have big news to share, and two important actions for you to take.

The draft Transit Corridor Alternatives Analysis study is released and shows that rail transit will provide the fastest, most reliable, most equitable, and most climate-friendly public transit to serve our county. Rail transit is also the only option guaranteed to preserve the easement so that trail construction can continue. For these reasons and more, the study recommends the RTC choose passenger rail.  

Now it’s up to us.  The public comment period closes November 27. Your voice is needed to show community support for the recommended rail transit option. Please take a moment right now to take two simple actions

Take the RTC Survey

Click here  to open the survey, then go to question 7.  Select the first option: “I agree with  passenger rail” 

Pick at least one option for each of the other questions, and click Done at the bottom. There is a full guide to the survey at the end of this post. 

Use This Form to Send an Email

Full Survey Guide

If you are curious, here is how the team here at Friends of the Rail and Trail filled out the full survey.

Question 1 – Please rank the top five performance analysis results that you think should be considered most carefully… We chose these for our top five. 

  • •   Continuity of Transportation Corridor
  • •   Promotes Active Transportation
  • •    Travel Time
  • •    Travel Time Reliability
  • •    Emissions Reduction

Question 2 – We left this optional “Other” comment space blank.

Question 3: Please rank the top five elements most important to you as a passenger… We chose these for our top five.

  • •   Security and safety
  • •   Fast travel times
  • •   On board bike capacity
  • •   Level Boarding
  • •   Independent accessibility for all ages and abilities

Question 4 – We left this optional “Other” comment space blank.

Question 5 – Please rank the top five elements most important to you as a community member… We chose two for our top five elements and then chose Other and added three more that we thought needed to be included:

  • •   Allow implementation of continuous rail trail (MBSST)
  • •   Quiet zones to eliminate horns at crossings
  • •   Other

Question 6 – Other comment: We felt these were important additional elements. 

  • •   Provide the fastest transit travel time during rush hour.
  • •   Fastest speed of implementation. Improve transportation sooner, not later!
  • •   Produce the maximum number of jobs.

Question 7 – Please share your opinion regarding the locally preferred alternative… THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION ON THE SURVEY…We chose the first option:   

•  I agree with passenger rail (CRT/LRT) as the locally preferred alternative

Question 8 – Please explain the reason for your opinion… We had lots of different reasons to prefer passenger rail…

Question 9 – What is your preferred frequency of service: We chose: Every 30 minutes

 Questions 10, 11, 12: For the last three questions we had lots of different answers.


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