Friends of the Rail & Trail does not endorse candidates for office. However, we are committed to educating ourselves and the public on the candidates’ positions regarding our current transportation opportunities and challenges.   We recently reached out to candidates for local office to ask them the following three questions about transportation in Santa Cruz County.  You can see their responses by clicking on the links for each office below.  

Question 1: The Watsonville City Council recently voted unanimously in favor of implementing passenger rail service connecting Watsonville with Santa Cruz City.  What type of high capacity public transit do you support on our rail corridor?

Question 2: The pandemic has adversely impacted METRO.  How would you strengthen METRO services for our county?

Question 3: Friends of the Rail & Trail has launched the Coast Connect vision to transform transportation in our county. Would you support funding a more robust public transportation system, including safe streets for pedestrians, cyclists and other active transportation users? How would you support adding transportation funding?

Please click on the following links to see your candidate’s position on transportation:

Santa Cruz County Supervisors District 1

Capitola City Council

Santa Cruz City Council

Scotts Valley City Council

Watsonville City Council


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