Coast Futura: Our Path to the Future

This fall, we were delighted to experience the Coast Futura demonstration. It gave us the opportunity to witness what zero-emission rail transit could look like in Santa Cruz County. Since the demonstration, we’ve seen the community excitement continuing to grow around the possibilities of light rail service. We can’t help to be excited too: even at reduced speeds, we were gliding right by traffic in a quiet, zero-emission vehicle. 

Not only do we have a rail line that can be used by our community for a multitude of reasons, we know that our community wants to use it. Coast Futura was fully booked with smiles and waves at every intersection. The excitement about the potential for a clean, quiet light rail in our county is here. It’s clear that we should be moving forward with rail transit now.

Whether your cause is the environment, equal opportunity, mobility independence, getting out of traffic, safe streets, or all of the above, there is every reason to continue to share this amazing experience. 

This fantastic video says it all. Share it with your friends and family #coastfutura #railandtrail: 



Share Your Story to Help Us Spread the Word

Did you ride the Coast Futura or see it go by? Do you want everyone in the community to know how wonderful it was? We’re an all-volunteer organization and need your support to tell the Rail and Trail story to the community. Please share your experience and your photos and videos with us so we can publish them!

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