Letter From Board Chair Sally Arnold

Dear Friends,

As we were putting the finishing touches on this newsletter, the August heat wave brought unusual dry lightning which resulted in a frightening complex of fires racing through our county. Many members of our volunteer team evacuated and have been trying to keep in touch as they couch surf their way through other counties. As far as we know, we are all safe and all our homes are still standing. We sincerely hope that each of you and your families are also safe and housed.

This is what global climate change looks like at the local level. This is one of the many reasons that we are dedicated to creating safe, clean green ways to move around our county. Right now transportation accounts for about half of Santa Cruz county’s greenhouse gas emissions. If we are serious about minimizing the horrifying effects of climate change –like those we have recently witnessed – we need to get serious about creating an alternative to car travel.

With limited connectivity, working from motels rooms, the homes of friends and the couches of relatives we bring you the September issue of our newsletter, with links to all the latest news and updates on our website. In it you will see some of the many ways in which Friends of the Rail and Trail is working to make our Coast Connect Vision a reality. From improving bridges in Aptos, to trail progress around the county, from safe streets in our neighborhoods to a video demonstration of new street car technology we hope our news leaves you with a sense of hope in these difficult times. To subscribe to our newsletter and action alerts, click here.

And if you are inspired to support our hopeful work, we invite you to join the Coast Connect Club by clicking here to become a monthly donor. Regular monthly income provides the stability we need to continue our important work to create a future of shared prosperity and a safe planet for the people.

With gratitude for our volunteers and supporters,

Sally Arnold
Board Chair, Friends of the Rail & Trail

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