Mission Pedestrian Opposes Greenway

This article was originally sent to the Mission Pedestrian email list on Wed, Aug 11, 2021.

By Debbie Bulger of Mission Pedestrian

Dear All,

Public transit is very important for pedestrians because it extends the distances that we can travel without using a private car. I remember taking the bus to art classes with my sister as a child in New England.

At the Farmers Market this week I listened to the arguments of a Greenway representative who wanted me to sign a petition to put a measure on the ballot in support of a bicycle and pedestrian trail, instead of the rail trail that Santa Cruz County is currently in the process of building.

I read documents before I sign them.

This proposed ballot measure would be BAD FOR PEDESTRIANS.

What the person didn’t tell me, but was in the ballot measure, is that the measure would CHANGE OUR COUNTY GENERAL PLAN to prohibit any planning for fixed guideway/train service on the rail corridor. That would mean no train, no PRT, and no new transport method we might have in the future. He said the tracks would be torn out and “railbanked” but that phrase is meaningless if the General Plan is changed to prohibit planning for any kind of fixed-guideway transport.

This attack on train service is anti-elderly, anti-child, anti-environment, and bad for those who don’t drive or prefer not to drive.

I hope you will not sign this petition.

If it makes it to the ballot, I hope you will VOTE NO.

Pedestrians need more choices, not fewer.

Stay safe,



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