Take Action Today to Defend Passenger Rail

The RTC has released their business plan for passenger rail service in Santa Cruz County. The Business Plan provides a clear path for adding rail service to our current public transportation system. Once accepted, this plan will allow us to move forward with preparing an Environmental Impact Report and formally requesting state and federal funds to keep the project rolling.

Unfortunately, anti-transit forces are flooding the Commissioners with emails pressuring them to scrap the business plan and abandon planning for rail service. The commissioners need to hear from us to continue planning for passenger rail, before the RTC meeting this Thursday, April 1st!

We have created a quick and easy form to send an email. Please click here to use the form below to make your voice heard in support of adding zero-emissions rail to our public transportation system.

We know that when asked, 74% of the county supports zero-emissions passenger rail. We’re asking you to email the Commissioners today to make sure they keep moving forward with planning. Projects that are ‘shovel-ready’ are most competitive to win state and federal grants. If we stop planning now, we will lose those funding opportunities, and lose the opportunity to implement passenger rail in Santa Cruz County.

Passenger rail service will: 

  • Dramatically improve the commute for South County workers stuck in traffic
  • Reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in the fight against climate change
  • Increase the use of public transportation across the county by 250%
  • Improve mobility for youth, the elderly, persons with disabilities, and bicycle commuters
  • Improve safety and walkability in our neighborhoods by reducing neighborhood traffic

This is an amazing time for our community. We have an opportunity to make dramatic positive change for the future of Santa Cruz County. Every action you take makes a difference in keeping the momentum going. Your action keeps the pressure on the deciders to continue in the right direction. 

Please click here to email the commissioners now, and thank you for helping to create a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous future for everyone!

If you would like to read the full Business Plan, click here to see it on the RTC website. 

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