Westside Rail Trail Scavenger Hunt!

Celebrate the Rail Trail!

The Westside Rail Trail is open now, and you are invited to celebrate the Grand Opening with us! As part of a socially distanced Grand Opening Celebration, we are sponsoring an all-ages Scavenger Hunt from Saturday December 26 to Sunday January 3. The game will consist of clue markers along the trail at points of interest. At each marker, you can read a fun fact and then check off the clue by answering a question on your phone or posting a selfie. Explore the trail and find them all! It will take about a half hour to play. 

Everyone who checks off all the clues will be entered in a drawing for one of our new Coast Connect t-shirts!

blue t-shirt with Coast Connect Transforming Transportation logo and tagline

Find the clue cards attached to the Westside Rail Trail fence starting on the morning of 26th! The clue cards provide the info you will need to answer the quiz questions. The quiz will be posted on the 26th and can be accessed with a mobile phone while you’re on the trail. 

The Santa Cruz County Rail Trail has been in the planning stages for many years, and in December 2020 the first major section is opening. Located on the Westside of the City of Santa Cruz, it’s a bit over one mile, spanning from Natural Bridges Drive to the corner of Bay and California streets. We’re so excited to see you on the trail!


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