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Amsterdam Street View- pedestrians and cyclists share the road with delivery vehicles

Summer Fun In a City Built for Bikes and Trains

Recently I had the privilege of studying in the Netherlands, Amsterdam. My accommodation was a few miles from where I took classes, which meant that I joined the thousands of other commuters every morning. Had I been in Santa Cruz, my first instinct would have likely been to get in my car and drive across town, as it would be the fastest and cheapest method of transportation. However, unlike Santa Cruz (and really most other American cities), in Amsterdam, I had several different options for my commute across town.

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The RTC’s Rail Funding Paradox

With an unprecedented amount of federal and state funding available for implementing passenger rail service, why do we still keep hearing 'there's no money for rail?' The truth is, our Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) is snared in a self-defeating circular-logic trap that is preventing the agency from applying for the rail funding that is available.

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